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Deman318 Dec 19 '17
Hi everyone, My name is deman318 and i recently stumbled upon BRG's twitch stream with RadHazard1 playing Fallout: New Vegas. After a little talk with him and my prior streaming experience, I would like to contribute to see BRG success and would like to stream for BRG. 

A little about me, I am from Pennsylvania and currently going to college for Public Relations and Advertising. I have been streaming for 2 years on and off due to my work schedule which has finally steadied out. I always enjoy watching unknown twitch channels gain viewers and watching the progression of them gain loyal followers.

The games I play are on my profile, and There are several other games that I play both on and off just for fun. I thank you for reading my post and hope to hear back from you all soon. Thank you for reading! -Deman318 

Zez Member
Zez Dec 20 '17
hello and welcome :D we need to get you in contact with Bob & Thomas who run the stream team I'll point them your way also if you're interested in doing podcasty things we have some stuff happening in the new year.
NQN_Linz BRG Staff
NQN_Linz Dec 21 '17
HEYOOOOO!!!  I second that, feel free to join our Discord and get in touch with ziplockbob or Thomas.  We'd love to bring you on board! 
Deman318 Member
Deman318 Dec 21 '17
I will certainly see you in there! Thank you Zez and NQN for the help!
Deman318 Member
Deman318 Dec 21 '17
Just A update, Apprently my email is so old that AIM is closing itself down and I used it to create my discord, I might be in the discord but im not at the same time lol. Sorry for the minor setback lol.



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