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Viesti Board
Viesti May 20
I've taken a few weeks away from Kamuro, but I'm feeling like I'd like to build something - or collaborate with someone on their project! Any interest in a collab or two?
NQN_Linz BRG Staff
NQN_Linz May 22
I'm a crappy builder, but I've missed hanging out on the server - I can probably be around this weekend to collect supplies for the good builders.  :)
7R4V Member
7R4V May 22
i can build, not too great at insides though
Viesti Board
Viesti May 25
I'm more looking to have fun, and no way to get better other than doing it! :)
NQN_Linz BRG Staff
NQN_Linz May 25
Let me know about what time you'll be around, or @ me in Discord and I'll try to hop in in some sort of timely fashion.  :)
Viesti Board
Viesti May 26
I'm planning to pop on late morning - around 11am Pacific or so. I'll work some @ magic if I see you!


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