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Viesti Board
Viesti Mar 31
I've found at least three Undersea Temples in my travels so far. Since I've never done one, I'm curious if anyone's interested in romping through a few - I think this would be a great opportunity to shoot an episode or two spotlighting us and our new server!

Thoughts? :)

NQN_Linz BRG Staff
NQN_Linz Apr 1
I'd be down for this!  Danno works this weekend and next though, so if he's to be involved, it would need to be the weekend after he works....
Viesti Board
Viesti Apr 18
We were all a little worn-out after the Ender Dragon and subsequent End City romp, so the water temple didn't happen. Since Shattered Travels has been pushed back, how about this coming weekend for this? :)
NQN_Linz BRG Staff
NQN_Linz Apr 19
We have Ark pushed forward, but I see no reason we can't do Sunday for this...?  
A-D-D-F_Toxic Go Getter
A-D-D-F_Toxic Apr 20
I'm free this coming Sunday
Viesti Board
Viesti Apr 20


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