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About Us
Get to know all about us
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NQN_Linz · Oct 7 '15
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General Chat
Just about anything
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Turgo · Feb 23 '16
In New Website Proposal
A place to post and request events, event ideas, etc.
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WarpedJester · Sep 11 '15
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BRG PodCast
A place for news and what not as it relates to BRG
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7R4V · Dec 10 '16
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Inside the Gamer Mind
A deep dive into shallow minds.
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WarpedJester · Feb 23 '16
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A place to post BRG Media for use by New Media peeps, as well as make requests for media
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NQN_Linz · Jan 29
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Creation Sharing
Share your creations here. Music, artwork and anything else you you would like to share with others.
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Turgo · Feb 2 '16
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Bottle Rocket Jet Stream
A place to go for everything related to our monthly live streaming event.
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NQN_Linz · Jan 5 '16
In Games and Structure Thread
I place to post ideas for future events, endeavors, etc.
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NQN_Linz · Jun 4 '16
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CHAPTER INFO: Staff, Rules, About, etc.
Everything you need to know about our Chapter.
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WarpedJester · May 19 '15
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General Chat
Chat about Minecraft.
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Ruarc88 · Oct 9 '15
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Chapter Application (White list request)
Looking to join the BRG Minecraft crew? This is where you start.
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ZiplockBob · Mar 28
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Kamuro 1.10 SERVER
Chisels and Bits and Bits and Bits! Anime hair not included.
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A-D-D-F_Toxic · Jun 5
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Tips, Tricks, and How-To's
A good place to post links, videos or another general information that may be helpful to others in game.
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WarpedJester · Jul 15 '15
In Applied Energistics 2 wiki
This is where we spray the RAID
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NQN_Linz · Jan 21
Info about the new 1.10 modpack
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A-D-D-F_Toxic · Aug 4


Upcoming events

Golf With Your Friends - Nov 25 Noon Central
As Linz put it:"New pirate map on Golf With Your Frenemies- when??"How about now?
A-D-D-F_Toxic Nov 25, 10:00AM
FreeView December 2017:
BRG FreeView Event for December 2017: Happy Christmahannukwanzadan! Tis the season for another B...
FreeView December kickoff event
This will be the kickoff event for the FreeView event where we will be diving into Paladins, getti...
WarpedJester Dec 1, 09:00PM


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