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About Us
Get to know all about us
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NQN_Linz · Oct 7 '15
In Patreon
General Chat
Just about anything
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Turgo · Feb 23 '16
In New Website Proposal
A place to post and request events, event ideas, etc.
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WarpedJester · Sep 11 '15
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New Media Topics Replies Last Reply
BRG PodCast
A place for news and what not as it relates to BRG
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7R4V · Dec 10 '16
In ATTENTION Past podcast guests!!!!!
Inside the Gamer Mind
A deep dive into shallow minds.
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WarpedJester · Feb 23 '16
In Inside the Gamer Mind sign up
A place to post BRG Media for use by New Media peeps, as well as make requests for media
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NQN_Linz · Jan 29
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Creation Sharing
Share your creations here. Music, artwork and anything else you you would like to share with others.
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Turgo · Feb 2 '16
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Bottle Rocket Jet Stream
A place to go for everything related to our monthly live streaming event.
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NQN_Linz · Jan 5 '16
In Games and Structure Thread
I place to post ideas for future events, endeavors, etc.
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NQN_Linz · Jun 4 '16
In New Show Idea: 4 Play
Minecraft Topics Replies Last Reply
CHAPTER INFO: Staff, Rules, About, etc.
Everything you need to know about our Chapter.
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WarpedJester · May 19 '15
In MC Chapter Staff
General Chat
Chat about Minecraft.
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Ruarc88 · Oct 9 '15
In Claiming Your Windows 10 Edition WARNING
Chapter Application (White list request)
Looking to join the BRG Minecraft crew? This is where you start.
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ZiplockBob · Mar 28
In White list request
Kamuro 1.10 SERVER
Chisels and Bits and Bits and Bits! Anime hair not included.
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A-D-D-F_Toxic · Jun 5
In RailCraft
Tips, Tricks, and How-To's
A good place to post links, videos or another general information that may be helpful to others in game.
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WarpedJester · Jul 15 '15
In Applied Energistics 2 wiki
This is where we spray the RAID
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NQN_Linz · Jan 21
Info about the new 1.10 modpack
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A-D-D-F_Toxic · Apr 14


Upcoming events

BRG FreeView Event for July 2017: Crossout
It's time for another BottleRocketGaming FreeView event! This month We will be playing Crossout! ...
WarpedJester Jul 1, 12:00AM
Rocket League Noon Central
It has been a long time........
NQN_Linz Jul 22, 10:00AM
BRG FreeView Review: Crossout
It all comes down to this… We have played the game, had out fun, but now it's time to put the screw...
WarpedJester Jul 30, 10:00AM


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