Bottle Rocket Gaming Twitch Weekly Meeting (7pm EST)


Date & time Jul 9, 07:00PM
Event ends Jul 9, 08:00PM
BRG Discord
Creator ZiplockBob

Who's attending

ZiplockBob Member
RadHazard1 Member
Thomas100273 Member


Every member of the Bottle Rocket Gaming Twitch Group Needs to Attend. If you are not an official member by this point this meeting is in place in order to correct this fact. It is also there to ensure we all can get all members who are members or soon to be members the following:

Moderator Status

An individual Stream Key

2 separate Commands in the BraneBot Command list

Membership Status on the BRG Website and the BRG Twitch Streamers Group

Locked in times for this week.

If you or anyone you know may be interested please invite them to this event.

The Wall

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