BRG FreeView Review: Crossout


Date & time Jul 30, 10:00AM
Creator WarpedJester

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BRG FreeView Review: Crossout

It all comes down to this… We have played the game, had out fun, but now it's time to put the screws to this game and call it like we see it. That’s right, it's time for the BRG FreeView Review!


The FreeView Review is a roundtable review where we look back over the free to play game we just finished playing and give our honest throughs on all the aspects from install to end game.


There is no right or wrong here, just our verdict.


Anyone that was a part of the FreeView event is welcome to join us for the round table which will be on Sunday July 30th 10am PST/1pm EST. Estimated time for setup, recording, and general bumble fuckery is about 3 hours.

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