BRG FreeView: Crossout Kickoff


Date & time Jul 1, 10:00AM
Creator WarpedJester

Who's attending

WarpedJester Board
Kaine83 Member
9nines Member


BRG FreeView: Crossout Kickoff

To kick of the July FreeView event, we will be getting together to play low tier games. The focus of this will be on helping each other out, answering questions and getting to know the basic mechanics of the game.


Event kicks off at 10am PST/1pm EST and will go for as long as people are willing to play.


We will be using the BRG Discord for voice chat but will have the BRG teamspeak as back up in case there are issue.



The intention of these events is to promote collaboration. Please remember that other in the event may be streaming and/or recording. As such, people attending and BRG events will be expected to be respectful of others.

The Wall

9nines Member
Jun 13
I will be there and recording if I could ever fix these stutters!!!
WarpedJester Board
Jun 13
9s, you have to stay off the powder for at least a few weeks before the shakes will subside.
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