About Us

 1. Introductions

Bottle Rocket Gaming is a community created by a small group of real world friends that wanted to create a better place to play.


A long time ago, on a server far, far away a collective of real world friends came together to play a game called Minecraft

 Each member brought with them a skill set that complemented one another; Seshaela - Miner, Argentum - Explorer, Viesti - Magician, WarpedJester - Architect, Turgo – Logistics, Heather – Designer, and BunnyFooFoo -… umm… bunny. Each one able to do a lot on their own but together destine to do even greater things. And so began an epic tale of epic builds and epic epicness…. But… Then came… the dark days.


The server they were on became plagued with issues, lag, locks, talks of sever resets. Anarchy was sure to ensue as this was a not a community of our making. Change was coming and the future seemed bleak. It was time to gather the collective and talked of what could be done to make their own server, a better server & a better community. This was the birth of what would be Bottle Rocket Gaming.


 2. The Goal

From its inception as a simple Minecraft server for a small collective of friends, to its current form as a fully supported gaming community, Bottle Rocket Gaming has morphed and adapted to meet the many needs of its community, adding support and service such as web, forums, and voice service. It has even expanded out in to additional games.


All though new goals will always be set for us to achieve, one core goal will always be preserved; this community was built for the entertainment and enjoyment of its members.


 3. Guild Focus

In keeping with our goals, our focus is, and will continue to be, first and foremost, built around our core goal of making Bottle Rocket Gaming an enjoyable and supportive gaming community. Additionally Bottle Rocket Gaming will work to support content & media creators through Bottle Rocket Gaming promotion and collaboration through the New Media group within the community.


As time goes by, our Goals and Focus may change but one fundamental ethos will not change; This guild will always put friends and community BEFORE all else. To put this in familiar terms, “Quality before Quantity”.


Additionally, The decisions made by the leaders of Bottle Rocket Gaming will ALWAYS be in the interest of the many, and never the few.


 4. Expectations

Let’s get the “OMG Duh!!” expectations out of the way first:

We expect you to read the rules http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/topic/41

We expect you to observe the rules http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/topic/41

We expect you to follow the rules http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/topic/41

We expect you to act in a manner that is fitting a civil human being, as defined by the opinion of the majority population.


With that out of the way, let’s move on to the other important bit:


Bottle Rocket Gaming is a community driven environment.  What we mean by this is that many of the decisions made, and directions we take with this Clan, are a result of community input. As such, is it important and expected that all members of the community be active and involved as much as able*. This includes being active in all avenues of the community such as forums, TeamSpeak, etc.


*To this point, we want to make a few notes here. When we say “as much as able”, we mean as much as able for you. Not “in comparison to”, or “a minimum of”. We understand that Real Life Comes First, and that there are going to be spans when you have all the time in the world to devote to gaming and the clan, and times when you are going to drop off the face of the planet… And that’s OK. All we are asking is that you be active in the community when you are being active in the games.



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